Our internship program for bachelor’s degree candidates provides broad exposure to the consulting industry and teaches business strategy through full-­time immersion on a Redd Solutions product, project, or case team. 

As an Associate Consultant Intern (ACI), you’ll work with customers and sales teams to create technological solutions to critical customer business; deliver and demonstrate technology solutions to address challenges; utilize tools and education through mentorship and hands-on training to be successful in consulting; participate in all client delivery activities within assigned accounts. 

  • Work Experience– Your assignments will allow you to actively contribute to the business team’s mission. The goal is to provide you with meaningful work and an opportunity to develop your skills.
  • Mentoring– Your team leader, along with each Redd Solutions professional you come into contact with, is committed to mentoring you throughout your internship. The program strives to offer real responsibilities and meaningful experiences to help interns make important career choices.
  • Community Service– As an intern with Redd Solutions, you will experience first-hand the company’s passion and commitment to improving the surrounding communities, when you participate in one of their summer volunteer opportunities.
  • Networking– Redd Solutions offers interns numerous opportunities to network with many different employees including the Vice Presidents and CEO

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