All strategic initiatives begin with an idea. Taking that idea from a notion to implementation may require bringing in outside assistance to help your organization brainstorm and analyze pertinent data then prepare documentation such as a business case or presentation to justify the implementation of the idea. This is where Redd Solutions can help!

Our Consulting and Ideation solutions offer customers experienced consultants skilled in facilitation, ideation development, organizational strategy as well as technology solutions. Utilizing industry best practices and known frameworks, our consultants will help you transform your idea into a strategic initiative or project.


A successful event is a well-planned, organized and efficiently executed occasion. It takes time and resources to ensure all details for the event or conference are accounted for and incorporated. Our Conference & Event Planning Solutions help organizations host successful affairs.

Our Conference and Event Planning Solutions provide customers with a variety of services to help them plan, design and execute successful conferences and events. Our services include program planning, materials design (both electronic & print), information dissemination (both electronic and print), program registration, logistical support, staffing and much more.


Good marketing and branding increases the value of a company, inspires and motivates employees and draws in new customers. When a customer hears or thinks of a company name, service, or product, it’s the marketing and brand that influences their perception. In today’s competitive market, success begins with good marketing and branding.

Our Marketing and Branding solutions help customers create, redesign or reinvent their brand. We understand a good market approach and brand is one that delivers a clear message, shows a company’s credibility, emotionally connects products or services with customers ad inspires them to purchase as well as creates customer loyalty.


As companies and organizations continue to need to do more with less, times arise when additional resources are needed for short-term and long-term assignments. Whether it is to support a long-term project, a short-term initiative, a gap in specific skills, or simply to cover staff absences, Redd Solutions can help.

Our Professional Support Solutions provide staffing services for every area from administrative and executive assistant support to project managers to experienced information technology professionals. We offer staffing for both onsite as well as remote support.


Technology solutions that support business strategy can provide companies and organizations with a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, some businesses lack the skills, experience or infrastructure to securely implement needed or desired information technology solutions.

Our Technology Solutions provide organizations not only with skilled IT professionals, e.g. application developers, web designers, server administrators, cybersecurity professionals but also offers infrastructure (IaaS) and software as a service (SaaS) support. We partner with companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon and IBM to provide our customers solutions that fit within their IT environment and budget.


Organizations that invest in employee training and development see their investment returned in the form of business growth. Well trained employees become more productive and effective employees better able to adapt to a quickly advancing competitive landscape.

Our Training and Development Solutions offers organizations training that cover a variety of areas such as business and information technology, leadership development and executive coaching. We also offer customized training designed to meet organizations specific needs.

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