Redd Return-to-Work Program 

The Redd Returns program will enhance your skills and confidence through the work experience you need to take your career to new heights. 

Redd Returns is a stepping stone for those who have been out of the workforce for a significant period of time and are ready to re-enter. During this 16-week program, we provide training, support, and growth opportunities to help you upscale your skills, and transition back to work in a meaningful way. 

Are you seeking re-entry support and training as you return to work? Do you want the opportunity to unleash your skills and transform the world around you using the newest technologies and methodologies? Do you want to be part of a strong community of like-minded people who will help ease your transition back to work and share experiences, tips, and advice? 

If so, the Redd Returns program offers you an exciting return to work experience consisting of a 16-week paid “returnship” program for experienced technology-focused professionals. You will refresh your existing skills and learn new technologies, which you will put into practice on a project-based assignment. Upon successful completion of the program, Redd Solutions will evaluate an opportunity for full-time employment. 

Express interest in joining our program by submitting the form below. 

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